When does Keto Krate ship?

* Effectuve January 2017: Our main ship day to existing subscribers is on the 6th of each month.

New subscribers:

Sometimes we have left over Keto Krates from our main ship day on the 6th of the month--as long as we have Krates on hand, new signups will be shipped a Keto Krate on the next business day.

Here's an example:

It's a nice warm day in July.  July 6th to be exact. That day, we ship out our main batch of tasty Keto snacks to existing members. After sending these shipments we have 173 Keto Krates left on hand.  Then 167 after we each take 3 home.  Following July 6th, the next 167 new signups to Keto Krate will have a July Keto Krate shipped the next business day.  On July 25th we send our 167th and remaining July Krate. New signups from July 26th to August 6th (while we're out of July Keto Krates) will be set to receive the August Keto Krate shipping out on August 6th.  Then this process continues with remaining August Krates.

We try to keep enough Krates on hand to last us 2-3 weeks after our main ship day so that we don't keep new excited signups waiting for the next main ship day... sometimes we run out early though.  If you're eager to receive a Keto Krate signup as early in the month as you can!


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