How do I change my address?

To change your address simply login to your account and enter the email and password you signed up with.

In the Shipping Address section click Edit and then Edit again on the address you'd like to change.  Enter your new information, click Save and you're done!

To add an additional address click Add An Address, enter your information, and click Save.  In order to use the newly added address as your shipping address click Edit under Your Subscription(s) and at the bottom under Choose a New Shipping Address, choose the address from the drop-down menu.  

When updating your address you will notice that you may also choose to check the default address box, but please note that this default is only for the address that will automatically populate in the Keto Krate Store Checkout, it is not a default shipping address. 

The shipping address associated with a subscription is the address displayed in the Your Subscription(s) box.  This can be updated by clicking Edit under Your Subscription(s) and choosing an address from the Choose a New Shipping Address drop-down menu. 

Kindly note that address changes must be completed prior to your subscription renewal on the 3rd of the month.  Your Krate will be shipped to the shipping address associated with your account at the time of your subscription renewal.  If you are not sure if you changed your address in time or if your Krate is shipping to the wrong address contact us and we can help you out!


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