How many carbs are the products?

Our golden rule for sourcing products is that they must be 5g or less of net carbs per serving.  

Oftentimes most months are made up of products that are in the 0-2g of net carbs with perhaps a product or two getting close to the 5g net per serving rule.

All products are also gluten free and maltitol free.  We're soy and sucralose conscious.  For Soy, we'll only include products that don't list soy as a main ingredient.  Things that use soy for flavoring or binders (soy lecithin) may still be included.  For sucralose, we'll only include sucralose if it's contained in a product with otherwise high nutritional value (good macros).  It's it's purely a sucralose candy product, we won't include it.

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