I just joined, when will I be billed again?

Thanks for joining the Keto Krate family! You won't be billed again until AFTER you receive your first box.

Rebilling for our current subscriber base occurs on the 3rd of each month.  

You'll be rebilled on the 3rd as well, unless you've signed up late in the previous month.  For example say you have signed up on July 28th.  If we have July Krates on hand we'll ship you a July Krate and then wait until you've received and tried it before we rebill you.  In this case you'd be rebilled sometime around August 8th (after you've received and tried your first Krate)and then be shipped an August Keto Krate the next business day.  After this process you'd be rebilled on the 3rd of each month.

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